Website & Service Update 7 Nov 2021

Our crew has been working hard to make our company even more remarkable, and that will include the launch of a native utility token on Fantom Opera Network, that will allow us to take our efforts to the next level and promote the expansion of Nova Bank.

Nova Token ($NBK)

Nova Token ($NBK) will be Nova Bank's utility token, and its holders will pay lower fees while using our platform, get awesome rewards, stake, earn, and have a special seat in our social media channels. Given the fact that this topic deserves a comprehensive cover on its own, we will not be overextending the scope of this announcement, so we encourage you to click here if you want to read more about $NBK and its launch.

New Social Media Channels

Our company has been flying under the radar for more than a year now, but we have decided that with the launch of $NBK it was time for us to get more social. So we have created our online communities, and users will soon be able to join us there. The links below:

New Support Centre on the Works

We are on the process of migrating our Support Centre and Knowledge Base to GitBook. The support page will still exist in our main website, and it will host a FAQ, a link to our GitBook, and the latest announcements and news.

Users can expect not to be able to access some of the tutorials and support material through next week, but our support channels will still be fully operational, so if you have any questions or problems while using our platform, please reach out.