Website & Service Update 28 Nov 2021

We have a new name, and a new home! We have switched domains, from to, and this came with a noticeable change of name: yes, we have dropped the BANK! We are now Nova.

Nova Token ($NBK)

Nova Token has been launched and with it we are implementing a series of changes in our fees structure, account memberships, passive earning APYs and much more. You can review our new products and services, as well as our rebranding of some of our products and services already in existence, using the main menu and navigating through the pages.

Supernova Token ($SNT)

Supernova Token is $NBK's little brother, and comes to give life to our rebranded Passive Earning product, offering decentralised passive income generation, through a state of the art ERC-20 token. It's all in the contract, it's all decentralised, and it's all from and to the community. You can read more about $SNT by clicking here.

A revamped website!

We have tweaked our website and have made it even more awesome! Feel free to fiddle around with the new pages and buttons, and give us your feedback!