Verified Contracts

A full list of all verified contracts and projects on Nova Network.


Issuer: Nova Network Inc.

Nova Network

Wrapped Supernova (SNT)

Date Verified: 15/02/2022

Description: The official wrapped contract of Nova Network's native token, SNT. Wrapped SNT allows protocols, smart contracts, and other tokens, to interact with SNT, which would otherwise be incompatible with ERC-20 tokens. This contract allows you to deposit SNT and receive WSNT on a 1:1 ratio, as well as deposit WSNT and receive SNT at the same ratio, paying only the gas involved on the transaction.

Issuer: Nova Network Inc.

Smart Contract


Date Verified: 09/02/2022

Description: Nova USD is a synthetic stablecoin pegged to the USD value, at a 1:1 ratio, that Nova Network Inc. has created to bootstrap the DeFi development and community within the network.