Unleash the power of the Web 3

SNT is the decentralized digital currency that powers Nova Network's entire ecosystem. It's global, digital money that can be used by anyone, anywhere.

SNT powers our decentralized ecosystem

SNT is in the core of what we do and powers our ecosystem as a whole. Programable money in its pure form.

SNT is multichain compatible

You can use SNT in multiple chains, including on Nova Network as its native coin, and Fantom on its ERC-20 version.

Anonymous, compatible and hassle-free

Holding and using SNT doesn't require any KYC, and users are free to trade and transfer it on-chain.

Supernova, a supercharged utility token

Supernova is truly yours! It gives you full and real control of your funds, secured by cryptography and used on peer-to-peer payments without any borders.

Nova Network (Wrapped): 0x657a66332A65B535Da6C5d67b8cD1D410c161a08
Ethereum: 0xDB04345BA2d2F02ef0DbAAfFAE8CeF0da28952cf
BNB Chain: 0x6c5544e720DCf8173Ff06FDC7Aa3A634994375D2
Fantom Opera: 0x69D17C151EF62421ec338a0c92ca1c1202A427EC
Ethereum Classic: 0xF480f38C366dAaC4305dC484b2Ad7a496FF00CeA
Avalanche: 0xA6ad0EF910CA4C54A97CEcF82bf5892c0fA4913b


Centralised Exchange



DEX on Nova Network , FTM, and ETC








What is unique about SNT?

Being a smart contracts' platform, there can be many other tokens housed by Nova Network, but there are a some things that only SNT can do.

SNT powers and secures Nova Network

Every time you interact with Nova Network, you'll pay a small fee in SNT. This fee is in place to prevent spamming attacks on the network, to reward the validators processing and recording your transaction into the network's public ledger, thus making the whole ecosystem free of any centralized control. In short, SNT powers Nova Network in its very core, and without SNT, there couldn't even be a Nova Network.

SNT is the cornerstone of Nova Network's financial system

You can use SNT for making payments, but that is not all it can do. Nova Network Inc. and its community are buying an entire ecosystem of decentralized financial applications to allow SNT holders to have easy access to basic financial services on a peer-to-peer basis. SNT can be used as collateral to create entirely different cryptocurrencies on Nova Network, and you can also borrow, lend, and earn interest on SNT, and other SNT-backed assets.

SNT creates programmable money

Because Nova Network is entirely programmable, developers can use and shape SNT in countless ways. From creating DAOs to innovative ways of making financial services more accessible, SNT's use-cases are countless, limited only by the developers' own inventiveness.


NUSD-SNT (Nova Network)


FTM-SNT (Fantom Opera)


USDC-SNT (Fantom Opera)

Some common questions:

There are several ways for you to get SNT, including asking some to a very good friend! Normally you would be able to:

  • Buy it from a Decentralised Exchange on Fantom Opera or Nova Network. We recommend you use the ones we have listed just above on this page.
  • Buy it from a Centralised Exchange, like P2B (former Bitcoin Exchange) for example. Sometimes you will even be able to use your debit or credit card.
  • Buy it from NovaPro. You can fund your account with PayPal or another payment gateway, get some nUSD, and with it, buy your SNT.
  • Use a public faucet. If you have bridged assets and just need some SNT to pay for your initial exchange gas, you can use a public faucet.

If you still cannot find your way around, the best approach will always be to join our Discord Channel or Telegram Group and ask around. We have a very joyful community that is always ready to help!

Yes, fiat and also other coins and tokens. The liquidity may vary depending on which network and/or platform you are trading, but normally you should be able to sell your SNT tokens through the same channels you buy it.

Unless we clearly say otherwise, every time we talk about SNT we are referring to our natively available SNT, and not its ERC20 version. The major difference between the two is that our native SNT has a wider range of use-cases and are natively compatible with our own public network, whereas its ERC20 versions are normally available in other networks – like Ethereum, Binance, or Fantom for example – and have a narrower range of use-cases – they cannot be used to pay for network fees for example.

Yes. It took place on Fantom Opera Network, and you can click here to check all the presale details.