Platform Update v.098c 7 Nov 2021

We have been working hard to offer even better products and services to our clients, and thus we are very happy to bring you our last platform's update note. Please also read our separate update release for changes we have made in our website, services, and to know more about $NBK.

Added Preliminary Support for Nova Token ($NBK)

As the token itself hasn't been deployed yet, we have already started the integration process to our platform, and all users will be able to see a $NBK balance in their accounts. Transacting with $NBK isn't yet possible, due to the fact the token hasn't been deployed, but the function will be enabled as soon as the token is deployed on the Fantom Opera mainnet.

Added Full Support for Fantom Opera Network and $FTM

We have added full support for the Fantom Opera network and their native token $FTM. Users are able to purchase, transfer, and withdraw $FTM tokens to the Fantom Opera network the same way they do with Bitcoin, ERC-20 Ethereum tokens, or BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart Chain. This will also allow us to integrate ERC-20 tokens deployed on Fantom, and further expand our compatible tokens portfolio.

New Crypto Deposit System

We have implemented a new way for users to deposit tokens and coins to their accounts, and now the process is not only more secure, but faster and more intuitive. For every deposit, users will receive a confirmation number, or deposit ID, which users will be able to pass on to the support team, allowing them to use it to easily identify the specific transaction and address any problems that might have occurred along the way. Users will also have access to a list of all their deposits that are still pending confirmation.

Withdraw Procedure and Interface Restructured

In order to make it easier and more intuitive to users, we have tweaked the withdraws page interface, and we have completely separated crypto and fiat withdraws, making it easier and simpler for users to identify the correct form they have to fill and what information we need to process their request.

For crypto withdraws, users will now have to select the token and the network separately. This allowed us to drastically reduce the amount of drop-down items on the menu, making it easier to use and more mobile friendly, but it also means that users will now have to be extra careful when selecting their desired network, because if they chose the incorrect one, funds might be lost for good.

We have added the option for users to type 'MAX' in order to withdraw all their funds from a specific account.

New Assets Included on 'Buy Crypto' and Added Support for $USDT Orders

Aside from the previous assets, users can now purchase $BNB, $BIN, $ETH and $FTM directly from their Nova Bank account, and we have added support for $USDT orders - which means that now you don't need to have exclusively USD in your account to have your order fulfilled, but can also have the order paid with your $USDT balance.

General UX Tweaks

We have made minor UX tweaks to make the platform more efficient, pleasing to use, and intuitive. The list is long, but the major differences users will notice will be on their dashboard, that is now leaner and easier to use.

Listing New Projects

Last but not least, we have opened our platform for voluntary and third-party listing. What that means is that any crypto project can apply to have their token or coin listed with Nova Bank, and that should enable us to keep on growing the amount of compatible assets, and use-cases for our platform. It is important to state that we have put in place very strict requirements and back-checking, so only remarkable projects will make it all the way, and we have no intention of inundating the platform with random tokens you have never heard of before.