Platform Update Note v.0.99z 7 Jun 2022

We have recently deployed several updates to NovaPro which is now in its version 0.99z. The updates relate mostly to the new format approach and use-cases we want to bring to the platforms that have been already announced in our official channels, but nevertheless, this announcement brings a more concise and easy-to-read summary of these changes and how they will improve the usage of the platform.

Token Support Updates

We have discontinued support for the following tokens: NBK, BOO, KEK, DEFY, SPIRIT, USDT, BRUSH, BNB, BTC, ETH. All the balances of the discontinued tokens will be hidden in the platform if zeroed; users with active NBK balances have been credited SNT according to our NBK discontinuation announcement guidelines; all USDT balances have been converted to NUSD, which is now the only stablecoin supported by the platform; users are now able to convert their USD into NUSD using the built-in exchange; the integration with native Nova Network tokens has been implemented.

Savings Accounts

We have now ceased interest payment on SNT and NUSD holdings temporarily, and we expect our 'savings account' service to return in its reviewed and revised model as soon as we reopen new account registrations for the platform.

Domain Migration

This hasn't taken place yet, but we intend to move NovaPro's main domain as soon as we relaunch the platform.

Network Support Updates

We have discontinued support for the following networks: Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain. Holders will only be able to withdraw to Fantom or Nova Network.

New PayPal Limits

Users now have a minimum funding requirement of USD 150 per transaction and a maximum allowed of USD 2,000 per week while using PayPal, and we will soon implement withdraw minimum thresholds too. More information on this will be present in our revised Terms and Conditions and End User Legal Agreement (EULA).