Opera House V2 is out! 15 Mar 2022

We are thrilled to announce that Opera House V2 is out! Breaking barriers and disrupting the NFT space with features you will not find on any other NFT marketplace on Fantom or elsewhere. See below a list of new features available in this new version.

Pay with any* token!

Perhaps the most disruptive of our new features, we have implemented a way for users to pay for their NFT purchases with any curated ERC-20 token, with the seller always receiving in WFTM! With this, Opera House will add substantial new use-cases to all the tokens we have listed, allowing anyone to purchase NFTs and use them as a form of payment, which we expect to enhance their own communities' experience while using Opera House to buy and sell NFTs.

For sellers, it will be a totally risk-free way of doing business and selling their assets, as although buyers will be able to pay with any tokens they want, the payment is automatically converted and paid out in WFTM, broadening the range of potential buyers, without compromising liquidity.

SNT gains yet another use-case!

SNT will be amongst the tokens users will be able to use to pay for their NFT purchases. NBK compatibility isn't available just yet due to the unavailability of liquidity in the routes we have integrated to Opera House's contract, but this will be addressed with our to-be-released new version of NovaSwap.

* The feature is compatible with 'any' token, but we will only offer a curated selection of tokens from projects we see as legitimate, reputable, and with enough liquidity available.


We have added auction support - you can auction NFTs for any token we have whitelisted. You can view bid history and place bids. Seller must accept bid to complete sale.

Your Profile

Profiles will now show EVERY NFT you own, even if the collection is not listed with us. You will only be able to transfer/burn if the NFT Collection is not listed with us.

New Approval Button

You will now see a button for approving non-FTM tokens before listing or purchasing, unless you have already approved that token for that collection.

Improved Loading Speeds

We have massively improved the NFT loading speeds and will continue to optimize as we build. The site also now updates properly as NFTs are sold.

Further Contract Support

We have added the support for the following contract types, some UI changes may happen in the next week: EIP-2981 and ERC-1155.

UI Changes

We have changed the UI of all NFT cards to look much better and show as much information as possible.

Rarity Ranks/Scores

We have built a rarity rank/score system. The rank will appear on all the NFT cards if they are eligible for ranks. In the item details page you will find both the Rarity Rank as well with the actual Rarity Score.

Old Marketplace Listings

These will still be viewable and able to be purchased, however only with FTM. Items listed on the old contract are not optimized, so they may be slower to load. We will completely remove this feature once all listings have been sold/migrated.