Platform Update v.0.98a 20 Jun 2021

We are excited to share a few upcoming updates in our platform, which will greatly enhance our user-experience and provide great value to our account holders.

Now Supporting ETH, BTC and BNB

You will soon be able to hold, transfer, deposit, and withdraw Ether (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and Binance Token (BNB) in our Nova Bank account. The changes are already well underway and we expect it to be implemented in the next coming weeks. We see it as a great advance towards becoming a more useful platform to our users, as well as integrating with some of the great players in the crypto community.

New Loan Collateralisation Scheme

From today (20/06/2021) onwards, we will not accept Swaap Governance (SAPG) as collateral to our loans, and we will be adding support to the Binance Token (BNB) to be used as collateral, with the already used Ether (ETH), and Bitcoin (BTC).

New Security Features

In the weeks to come we will be implementing a series of security enhancements to our platform, including the well waited 2FA. This will allow us to have a more secure and robust platform, which will translate on a safer environment to our users.

Changes to Website

We love our website already, but a few updates are being deployed today to make it even better. You will note some changes as you browse around, but one of the most noticeable and important one is the addition of a dedicated news channel, placed in our “Help & Support” page.

Some stuff we are still thinking about doing…

As you have noticed, we are always making tweaks here and there, and always updating our website and platform. We have a very forward-thinking way to do things, and some of the changes you may see in the future includes:

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