New Investment Partnership, 14 Feb 2022

We are happy to announce that Nova Network has secured considerable funding from some of our investment partners, which not only believe in what we are doing, but want to bolster our vision further, and allow us to create the company and the platforms we want to create. Due to the nature of the funding, it will come to have a big impact - for the good - on the way we do things, and on how all our ecosystem is currently structured.

With the new funding, we will also be bringing in some advisors, with great experience and business acumen, which will further help us on revising our strategies, ensuring the best deliverance potential to all our users and token holders.

Why is this important to me?

Users and token holders will be directly affected by this news, as we expect major changes - for the best - to take place in the following days, weeks, and months. These changes will likely affect the way you use our platforms, and interact with our company, so stay tuned for further announcements and disclosures.

Updates, changes, and its short-term consequences...

While we are still in the process of reviewing and making decisions on our broader business strategy, we know for sure we will be making several changes to our websites and platforms. This may result on some temporary instability of some services, broken links, etc. This will not have any major impact on any user assets, though this can impact on the quality of their user experience. For this, we apologise in advance, and ask for you to reach out if you encounter any difficulties on using any of our sites or platforms.

You may also face inconsistencies on written information while we are still working to implement these changes.

NovaPro will temporarily halt new account openings

NovaPro is on the epicenter of a lot of the changes that will take place moving forward, and in order to contain any potential confusion and/or disruption to NovaPro users, we will be halting new account openings until we finalise the implementation of all the changes we will make to the platform.

If you already have an account, you will not be affected at all by this, and all the services will remain operational.

On the short term, expect less announcements from us

As part of the implementation of this new framework and business strategy, we have decided to hold off any updates and/or announcements for NovaSwap, NovaPro, and Nova Network (blockchain), temporarily. No changes or updates should take place in the interim.

Announcements for Opera House on the other way, will remain active, and updates will keep on happening. This is because we do not expect Opera House to be largely - or at all - affected by the changes that will be taking place. So if you're an NFT hodlr, investor, and an Opera House user, nothing should change for you with this announcement.

Opera House won't be affected by this news

The focus of the changes will be mainly directed to our financial products, so aside from the already awesome updates we have been implementing almost on a daily basis for Opera House, nothing should change there, and Opera House users shouldn't be largely affected by this announcement.