LP Staking Program 13 Dec 2021

We are pleased to announce our Liquidity Providing Staking Program for both $NBK and $SNT, with APYs up to 127% and easy redemption through our own platform. Users will be able to deposit their LP tokens in our platform to receive xNBK or xSNT, which can then be staked for rewards. On every release date, users will have their xNBK and xSNT tokens automatically exchanged back to LP tokens, and will receive their LP tokens back plus their stake in $NBK or $SNT.

Nova Token (NBK) Liquidity Pool

NBK Liquidity Token: 0x5B8F3AB791F6840c4F914fF4Da90eEEeee501126 (PaintSwap)
Liquidity Pool: Add on PaintSwap
Stake Rate: 27 xNBK per BRUSH-LP
Reward Payment: In $NBK
APY: 127%
First Release: 01/02/2022

Supernova Token (SNT) Liquidity Pool

NBK Liquidity Token: 0x656aaD6d994CB71F9A4738CAE58Ee64feE72345d (SpookySwap)
Liquidity Pool: Add on SpookySwap
Stake Rate: 10 xSNT per spLP
Reward Payment: In $SNT
APY: 87%
First Release: 01/02/2022

How to stake?

The staking program will start on 20/12/2021, and all you have to do is to pool liquidity using the LP contracts above and deposit your LP tokens to your account with our platform. On doing that, your your LP tokens will be converted either to xNBK or xSNT, which will automatically set to be staked in your account with monthly interest payouts. On every release date your xNBK and xSNT will be converted back to LP tokens, with those tokens being sent back to your wallet, and all your staking rewards - either in $NBK or $SNT - will be credited directly into your account.

More Information

If you have any questions, or need more information, please reach out to one of our team members in our Discord Server, or send us an email.