Defyswap Partnership, 17 Jan 2022

We are happy to announce we have partnered with DefySwap for managing our decentralised yield farms for both NBK and SNT, and thereafter expanding the two companies' engagement to create more value and utility to the communities on both sides.

About DefySwap

DefySwap is a decentralised exchange that aims to provide a CEX-like experience to its users, with an advanced interface and spotless UI. As the name suggests, they mainly work on the DeFi space, offering users yield farms, liquidity and staking pools, and their NFT staking service is in the works. After speaking to the team we had our confidence on their project boosted by a lot, and hope this to be the very first step towards a long-lasting partnership between the projects. Their smart contracts have been audited and the team KYC'd with JAGO, receiving a Low Risk grade - which further projected professionalism, reliability, and confidence.

The DFY Token

We will be integrating DFY to our NovaPro™ platform in the next hours or so, and from then, you will be able to use DFY for:

As this partnership develops, we expect to offer even more functionalities and utility to DFY, and you can reach out to their team directly if you want to know more about the project and what they have been working on.

Yield Farms

We will have three farms set up by DefySwap, where you will be able to stake both NBK and SNT, as follows:

Initial APRs and other details on the farms will be released in our Discord server, so make sure to join to keep yourself up to date.

Key Links

What to expect in the future?

As this partnership develops you can expect more functionalities and utility for all three tokens from the two platforms (NBK, SNT, and DFY), with a potential partnership on their NFT Staking program, which would involve Opera House, our Community Collection, and other potential NFT collections we house. If you have any suggestions on how you would like to see the two projects to interact, feel free to voice it out in our Discord.