dApp Launch, Alpha Version 11 Dec 2021

We're very happy to announce the first release of our decentralised application, with already several functionalities that will allow users to safely hold and use their crypto assets, including NFTs, on a decentralised and secure manner, all through Web3 integration.


The dApp is still in alpha, and might present bugs and inconsistencies. Use at your own discretion, and feel free to report any problems or bugs to [email protected] or to one of our team members directly.


For us, our dApp launch is a great step towards decentralisation of our services, and as it is still very early days, we are pushing hard with development to offer even more comprehensive solutions to our users when it comes to cryptocurrencies' usage and crypto assets management. Currently, the main functionalities of the dApp can be sumarised as follows:

In this announcement we will go over each one of the functionalities above, to give you a brief overview on how it works, its main features, and also its limitations.

Assets exchange service (DEX)

It allows you to swap assets on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon, completely decentralised. It currently routes all transactions through 1Inch, ensuring the best possible price on every transaction. And as using 1Inch routing makes life easier when it comes to programming, multichain integration, and allow us to work without the implementation of any smart contracts, it also comes with great limitations, the main ones being its limited compatibility with Fantom Network - where we host our tokens - and the fact we can only work with their list of compatible tokens. We are actively working to implement a more functional DEX protocol, but we didn't want to launch without this function present.

Assets transferring between wallets

It is as basic as it sounds, and allows users to send tokens and coins to other compatible wallets.

Token and native assets portfolio

It displays a full list of compatible assets held in your wallet, with some additional information such as contract address, symbol, name, etc.

NFTs catalogue and management

This page displays the list of compatible NFTs held in your wallet, and has two basic functions: 1) to view the NFT on explorer and 2) to transfer the NFT to another user.

Wallet transactions history

Shows a full list of transactions of your wallet with some with key information, plus the link to view the transaction on the block explorer.

Multichain compatibility

We strive to be as compatible as possible to offer better and more comprehensive solutions to our users. Multichain compatibility allows us to serve users of different ecosystems, seamlessly and efficiently. The compatibility may vary depending on the feature you are using, but right now, you can use most of the dApp with:


In the end, our users are our main concern, and as early days as it is, we believe the launch of our dApp will help you on getting even more value from what we do. We count on you to help us on shaping the future of our company, and are very willing to take suggestions and feedback. Please reach out if you have any questions.