Client Nodes Update 29 Jun 2022

Client Nodes Update 29 Jun 2022 We have deployed our latest update to both our mainnet and testnet repositories, that now allows for client-side nodes to be deployed with ease and in just a few minutes. The hardware requirements are very light and the installation process very easy, requiring minimum coding and programing knowledge and […]

Hybrid Consensus Approach 1 Mar 22

Hybrid Consensus Approach A quick and easy-to-read summary. Hybrid Consensus ApproachBy Paulo Baronceli The Hybrid Consensus Approach is a novel structuring standard for decentralized infrastructure, which invokes different elements of Proof of Work (PoW), Proof of Authority (PoA), and Proof of Stake (PoS), to create a secure, democratic, reliable, and scalable network. The concept is […]

Node and Validator Requirements 23 Mar 2022

Node and Validator Requirements We are disclosing our node and validator requirements for those interested in participating and helping secure Nova Network. These were thoroughly thought through by us and tailored with two important goals in mind. First, we wanted to make sure that any validators would have real ‘skin in the game’ to incentivise […]

Opera House V2 is out! 15 Mar 2022

Opera House V2 is out! 15 Mar 2022 We are thrilled to announce that Opera House V2 is out! Breaking barriers and disrupting the NFT space with features you will not find on any other NFT marketplace on Fantom or elsewhere. See below a list of new features available in this new version. Pay with […]

Exciting news ahead! 19 Feb 2022

Exciting news ahead! 19 Feb 2022 As our company and our ecosystem evolve, management, organisation, and clear communication becomes ever more important. Following our last announcement, a series of restructuring actions were triggered within Nova Network to promote consolidation of our products and services, to further improve and enhance the understanding of what is Nova […]

[Announcement] Nova Network Blockchain

Nova Network Blockchain As you know we have set ourselves to create a whole ecosystem of platforms to facilitate the usage of blockchain and distributed consensus mechanisms by the average person. On that mission we have already deployed three major platforms, that are setting out the base and serving as the founding blocks of a […]

DefySwap Partnership Announcement, 17 Jan 2022

Defyswap Partnership, 17 Jan 2022 We are happy to announce we have partnered with DefySwap for managing our decentralised yield farms for both NBK and SNT, and thereafter expanding the two companies’ engagement to create more value and utility to the communities on both sides. About DefySwap DefySwap is a decentralised exchange that aims to […]

Holiday Schedule 24 Dec 2021

Holiday Schedule 24 Dec 2021 As the holiday season approaches, our team will keep on working hard to keep on delivering to you. Our services on Nova dApp, NovaPro™ and Spotlight will run 24/7 throughout the public days, and we expect no interruption, but you will find that some operations that require manual approval from […]

LP Staking Program 13 Dec 2021

LP Staking Program 13 Dec 2021 We are pleased to announce our Liquidity Providing Staking Program for both $NBK and $SNT, with APYs up to 127% and easy redemption through our own platform. Users will be able to deposit their LP tokens in our platform to receive xNBK or xSNT, which can then be staked […]

dApp Launch, Alpha Version 11 Dec 2021

dApp Launch, Alpha Version 11 Dec 2021 We’re very happy to announce the first release of our decentralised application, with already several functionalities that will allow users to safely hold and use their crypto assets, including NFTs, on a decentralised and secure manner, all through Web3 integration. Disclaimer The dApp is still in alpha, and […]