We house global infrastructure for decentralized applications.

Nova Explorer

Nova Network block explorer.

Our Ecosystem

A vibrant community-driven ecosystem.

Supernova Token

Our supercharged utility token.

What is Nova Network?

Nova Network is an open DAG programable smart contracts platform, built for decentralized applications. You can use it to build fast, scalable, and low cost Solidity compatible dApps, for both enterprise and retail uses.


A scalable DAG solution for enterprise and retail applications.


Cheap and affordable transaction fees, with very low gas costs.


Nova Network is Ethereum and Smart Contracts (EVM) compatible.


Nova Network uses well established and stress-tested infrastructure.

What can you do with Nova Network?

Nova Network is home to digital money, decentralized infrastructure, and applications. We have a flourishing community that is building an entire ecosystem for decentralized finance, digital proof of ownership, and NFTs in our public ledger, and our network can also be deployed for private and purpose-built enterprise-level applications, that can be used to fulfil specific needs.

Who can use Nova Network?

Anyone, from retail users, to corporations and governments. We have two public ledgers in operation, Nova Network, which is our mainnet, and Nebula Testnet, which is - as the name suggests - our testnet. Anyone with internet access can connect, deploy on, and use these public ledgers, and users also have the option of running Nova Network under a private and controlled environment, more suitable for enterprise-level applications.

Unleash the power of the Web 3 with Supernova

SNT is our powerful and trustless token, and is the native coin of our network.

Gas Fees

Use it to pay for gas fees while using Nova Network.


SNT is ideal for fast and secure payments.


Stake your SNT to earn interest on it.


Available on multiple networks.

Easy Deployment, Great Community

For Developers

Building on Nova Network is easy and familiar. It leverages EVM smart-contracts compatibility so you can deploy your dApps the same way you do on Ethereum.

Nebula Testnet. Deploy and develop, risk-free.

Nebula Testnet is one of our two public ledgers in operation, and it offers and entirely risk-free environment for developers to build and test their decentralized applications.